RB Smith

It all started when I was very young.  My father embraced the power of Wagner while my mother preferred the more melodic works of Chopin.   It wasn't long before I discovered Liszt and Tchaikovsky for myself.  Later, I would listen to Brubeck and the world of jazz took the top of my head off.  It was in these early years that I taught myself the piano and my songwriting journey began.

And then it happened.  One morning as my clock radio awoke me for school, I heard what sounded like The Everly Brothers on steroids.  It was of course The Beatles.  I immediately bought a guitar and my songwriting took a new direction. 

By the mid ‘60’s Namesake Music Publishing was born and my bands were winning city wide competitions.  During the ‘70's, I worked the coffee house circuit in New York City and toured the Midwest with the group Cimmeron where 2 of my songs became top ten regional hits.

In the ‘80’s, I was the Los Angeles Promotion Manager for Elektra/Asylum Records where I had the privilege of working with some of the best artists of my generation.  Later, I founded Silver Lining Entertainment; a Los Angeles-based talent agency.  And although I officially retired from the “business” of music in the ‘90’s, I’ve never stopped writing songs.  And so today, as Old Blue, I continue to share my passion. 

Eternally yours,
RB Smith